• User Activity Infographic

    This infographic was created with aggregated data from a large quantity of CoupSmart coupon campaigns belonging to various companies and industries. The goal was to express the three most popular days for people to view and claim coupons, based on industry, in a visually exciting way. Created entirely in Adobe Illustrator utilizing iconography from the FontAwesome iconography set.

    Work Owned By: CoupSmart LLC
  • QR Code Signage

    QR Code signage created for various clients and client proposals for Pipeline Social Media Solutions. These signs were created to serve as touchpoints between the physical business and their online, social deal. With these QR code signs, businesses are able to drive real world traffic to their online presence at targeted, strategic locations.

    These QR signs were often made with minimal assets from the client, many times without any assets at all. This added an extra layer to the design process, as I would often have to first research the branding for a particular client.

    Work Owned By: Pipeline Social Media Solutions
  • A Confidence Carol

    A book cover designed for the young and upcoming author Andrew Elsass. A mix of self help and inspirational fiction, A Confidence Carol is a modern retelling of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. I drew on inspiration from earlier covers for Dickens' book, in order to pay homage to the original novella. The book is currently available on Amazon as an ebook.
  • How To Get A Job In Sports PR

    A book cover designed for the young and upcoming author, Andrew Elsass. I worked closely with the author to design a book cover that struck the right balance between sports and business, while also employing a small amount of humor to draw in prospective readers. The book itself is currently available on Amazon as an ebook.
  • 3D Still Life

    This still life was created using source material from my great grandfathers service during the first world war. The artifacts were modeled and textured in Cinema4D. The composition was then brought into Adobe Photoshop in order to distress and tone the image.
  • HappyTime Soda Bottle Designs

    HappyTime Soda is a fictional company created by CoupSmart and used to showcase their social media applications. CoupSmart wanted to bring HappyTime Soda into the real world, so an in-house contest was held to create labels that would be used to brand a limited-run batch of sodas.
  • The Story Of CoupSmart

    This comic was created to tell the story of CoupSmart, a technology startup that specializes in monetizing social media platforms.  As you can probably infer from the last sentence, CoupSmart had a problem conveying exactly what it was they did to their prospective clients. Working with the rest of the CoupSmart design department, we were able to create a short comic that illustrated to clients how their users would interact with CoupSmart's products.

    Work Owned By: CoupSmart LLC