• Mobile Offers Application

    Currently, Facebook does not allow Facebook-based applications to run within their Facebook mobile app. CoupSmart's solution to this problem was to create a standalone web app that could be accessed via mobile devices, allowing CoupSmart customers to offer discounts and deals to the growing population of mobile users. Using Facebook's api, we were able to create an app that still tied back to a users Facebook account, allowing them to share the deal with their friends (promoting viral growth), 'like' the page they were receiving the deal from, and even post about the deal to their own Facebook Wall. I worked with two other talented designers to design the user experience from the ground up. Utilizing an HTML/CSS framework called Foundations, we were able to create a responsive UI that would fit on the multitude of mobile device screen sizes. Included is a few shots of our process work.

    Work Owned By: CoupSmart LLC